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‘What mammal has no vocal cords?’ Those at St. Elizabeth School in Wilmington found out — Photo gallery

Students react at "Great Viking Trivia Challenge" at St. Elizabeth on Jan. 31. Dialog photo/Joseph P. Owens

If you know what mammal has no vocal cords, you would have been comfortable in the Benedictine Performing Arts Center at St. Elizabeth school on Jan. 31.

If you said giraffe, you would have been popular among the students who were stumped during the “Great Viking Trivia Challenge.”

The excitement was part of Catholic Schools Week fun at the Pre-K to 12th school in Wilmington.

Groups that included 7th through 12th grade competed in the event moderated by high school principal John Petruzzelli.

The questions leaned on national and local topics.

“What famous Delawarean had a statue on Rodney Square?” Caesar Rodney.

“Why is Delaware called the first state?” It was first to ratify the constitution.

“The assembly line was pioneered in the factory of what company?” Ford.

“What’s the mascot of Wilmington University?” Wildcat.

“Name the current bishop of the Diocese of Wilmington.” Bishop Koenig.

The fun continues this week.

A list of Catholic Schools Week events at schools around the Diocese of Wilmington can be found here.