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WATCH: ‘We miss you’ is a common theme from Diocese of Wilmington priests in Easter message to parishioners


How long has it been since you’ve seen your parish priest?

How often do you go weeks on end without seeing him?

For most Catholics, the answers to these two questions are “several weeks” and “not unless vacations or illness interrupt regular visits to the parish.”

Except for now.

Many of us are seeing our pastors and associates by way of livestream, grateful for the opportunity to pray since public Masses have been restricted due to the threat of coronovirus. But personal interaction has been missing.

The Office of Communications in the Diocese of Wilmington stepped in to try to fill that void this weekend.

In personalized video messages, a number of priests from the diocese offer Easter greetings. The snippets are pieced together and presented as one big “We Miss You” from priests throughout Delaware and the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

If you have 13 minutes to spare — who doesn’t? — it’s worth watching this heartfelt video.