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Snow daze: Schools adjusting schedules to make up for lost time


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The bill for all the school days canceled due to snow and, in one case, the cold, has come due, and students and staff at Catholic schools in the diocese will be paying with some previously scheduled vacation.

Louis DeAngelo, superintendent of Catholic schools, said schools will have to make up a maximum of six snow days, a number many schools had already reached after two more days were lost to inclement weather on Feb. 13 and 14. Read more »

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Introducing a transition year after kindergarten at All Saints


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ELSMERE – Kindergarten students who could benefit from a transition year before beginning first grade will have that option beginning next fall at All Saints Catholic School. The Elsmere school is launching a pre-first grade that will prepare youngsters academically and socially for the changes that come with first grade. Read more »

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Archmere students develop app they hope will save lives

February 7th, 2014 Posted in Education and Careers, Our Diocese, Youth Tags: ,


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CLAYMONT — When Typhoon Haiyan decimated the Philippines in November, residents and others caught up in its destruction found their cell phones rendered useless because tele- communications infrastructure was gone. A group of students from Archmere Academy saw an opportunity amid the tragedy to alleviate this kind of situation in the future.

Five boys – juniors Andrew Hurst, Christian Kraft and Nick McIntyre, and sophomores Joseph Spall and Greg McCord – developed coNextGen for the Verizon Innovative App Challenge, a nationwide contest for middle and high school students to apply their knowledge and creativity to address a need or problem in their community. Archmere’s team, under the guidance of computer science teacher Jared Campbell, won the Delaware competition before being eliminated in the regional round. Read more »

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Delaware Catholic high schools announce scholarship winners


The seven Catholic high schools in Delaware have announced which eighth-grade students have earned scholarships for the 2014-15 academic year. All information has been provided by the schools.


St. Thomas More Academy


Holy Cross: Nicole Pinera, Guilia Randazzo

Jefferson: Alya Lahiff

Sussex Academy: Ryan Anderson, Elise Conlin

Smyrna Middle: Ryan Dean



Most Blessed Sacrament: Caroline Pasquariell, Michaelson Capuano, Chloe Sass


Ursuline Academy


Ursuline: Hannah Ali, Yara Awad, Maxon Blow, Lauren Chua, Maggie Connolly, Mary Goodridge, Dominique Kendus, Annelisa Lyles, Erin McGrellis

St. Mary Magdalen: Madelyn Heck, Nicole Kelly, Rita Offutt, Anna Zdunek

Christ the Teacher: Amber Owens

St. John the Beloved: Emily Sardo

Immaculate Heart of Mary: Sadie Ward

Independence: Riley Beck, Natalie Comer, Cameron Johnson, Esha Mishra, Sophia Riveros, Amy Thomson

Springer: Chelsea Gbemudu

St. Anne’s Episcopal: Madison Larmore

P.S. DuPont: Emma Lucey, Hannah Ward

Cab Calloway: Giavanna Mariano, Annie Nguyen

H.B. DuPont: Alexis Ward



St. Philomena: Elizabeth Brutsche

Kennett Middle: Theodora Elliman, Jasmine MacFarlane,


New Jersey

Woodland Country Day: Olivia O’Donnell



Patterson Mill: Kathryn Perrault


St. Mark’s High School


St. Mary Magdalen: Liam Lehane, Anna Gallo, William Hoffman

St. John the Beloved: Grady McPeak Timothy Rubini, Mollie Russell, Connor Daniel, Rachel Staib, Erin Derick

Christ the Teacher: Lorenzo Alafriz, Nicole Kirk, Jessica Lawless, Corey O’Donnell, Patricia Ortega, Conner Bolinski, Emily Sipko, Joshua Venti

Immaculate Heart of Mary: Maria DiStefano, Brendan Wilhelm

Holy Angels: Heather Little, Marigrace Ferrill, Juliana Stape, Nicholas Kayatta

St. Elizabeth: Evelyn Welsh

All Saints: Brandon Dongfack, Eric Hendrixson, Katherine Husbands, Meaghan Kane

St. Ann’s: Callie Freda

St. Anthony: Christina Molloy

St. Peter: Mikayla Purnell

Serviam: Alicia Wilson

Independence: Cameron Johnson, Andrew Koense, Esha Mishra, Maggie Myers, Samuel Myers, Maya Sitaran, David Suddard

St. Anne’s Episcopal: Madison Larmore

Layton Prep: Austin Lin

H.B DuPont: Erin Michalcewicz (SP?), Madelyn Vanhorn

Redding Middle: Keerthana Chintalapati

Alfred G. Waters: Matthew Gray

P.S. DuPont: Jesse Li, Francesca Sedlacek

Tower Hill: Eric Jansson



Mount Aviat: Grace Liberatore, Max Classen, Caitlin Marsilii

Immaculate Conception: Clare Estes, Hannah Schepers



Assumption BVM: Evan Gutherman

Avon Grove: Justin Sarver


New Jersey

Penns Grove: Abigail Hamilton


Salesianum School


St. Mary Magdalen: Lucien Peach, Francis Fanning

Christ the Teacher: Lorenzo Alafriz, Matthew Balbierer, Owen Fink, Corey O’Donnell, Conner Bolinski

St. Edmond’s: Jackson Whallon, Owen King, Jack deBruin

St. Ann’s: Charles Klous

St. Peter the Apostle: Matthew Knotts

St. John the Beloved: Grady McPeak, Nicholas Saponaro, Joseph Fassano

Immaculate Heart of Mary: Benjamin Myers, Michael McGowan, Brendan Wilhelm

Independence: Ryan Law, Sanath Patil, Matthew Ryan

Newark Charter: Joseph Wesselman

Alfred G. Waters: Noah Carpe

P.S. DuPont: Patrick Taylor

Layton Preparatory: Austin Lin

Cab Calloway: Michael Hemphill



St. Agnes: Frank Byrd, Daniel Redmond, Jonathan Schiltz, Nicholas Fanelli

Ss. Simon and Jude: John Simonelli, Patrick McConologue, Brendan Manning, David Angelo

Ss. Peter and Paul: Gerald Wilmer, Nicholas Slachta

St. Cornelius: Joseph Rizzo

Malvern Prep: Timothy McLaughlin

Assumption BVM: Christian Trowbridge

Notre Dame de Lourdes: Ryan Whelan

St. Mary Magdalen: Nicholas Palermo

Holy Family: Evan Mader

Waldron Mercy: Raymond Cobb

Garnet Valley: Cooper Urban

C.F. Patton: William Prysock



Mount Aviat: Max Classen


New Jersey

Mullica Hill Friends: Alexander Gulea


Archmere Academy


P.S. DuPont: Alisa Yakovenko, Francesca Sedlacek, Helen Laster, Grace Zhang, Brant Wesley, Connor Smeader, Natasha Gengler, Emily Zheng, Jiawei Miao, Kevin Khov, Nicolas Larson, Jake Collins, Peter Liu, Talya Speak, Sophie Friedman, Sarayu Sivaram

St. Edmond’s: Jack Whallon, Jack deBruin, David Bondi

St. Mary Magdalen: Anna Zdunek, Grace DiGiovanni, Anna Gallo, Francis Fanning, Liam Lehane, Evan Callaghan

Immaculate Heart of Mary: Gillen Curren, Benjamin Myers, Emily Rosato, Francis Doran, Sarah Weir

St. John the Beloved: Rachel Staib

Ursuline: Lauren Chua, Mary Spadaro, Mary Goodridge

All Saints: Eric Hendrixson

St. Elizabeth: Evelyn Welsh

St. Ann: John Prosceno

Sanford: Evan Sabini

Independence: Sophia Riveros, Adeline Davis, Amy Thomson, Grace Gong, Sohan Shah, Pooja Kaji, Karna Nagalla, Meera Garg, Ryan Law, Andrew Koense, Ashish Mahuli, Rajeswari Kambhamettu, Sanath Patti, Esha Mishra, Maya Sitaram, Anna Suh, Theodore Fairfield, Kristina Giakas, Blaine Seifert, Kyra Giakas

Tower Hill: Isabelle Pilson

Newark Charter: Michael Chen

H.B. DuPont: Shinny Sun, Annie Wu, Ria Ahuja, Bertran Yang, Elena Hu

Redding: Keerthana Chintalapati, Cassandra Paterson

St. Anne’s Episcopal: Madison Larmore

Springer: Connor Alabrudzinski

Wilmington Friends: Ryan Nowaczyk, Jacob Morris, Siena Ballotta Garman

Skyline: Arushi Tayal, Matthew Cho, Justin Sharpe



Ss. Colman-John Neumann: Patrick Beck

Holy Family: Evan Mader, Juliana Testa

St. Maximilian Kolbe: Anna Martino, Joseph DiGregorio

Ss. Simon and Jude: Nikoleta Testa, Brendan Manning, David Angelo

St. Cornelius: Samuel Linton, Victoria Anderson, Charles Sanders

Villa Maria: Alexa Clarke, Christina Cramer, Maryanna Gattuso

St. Francis de Sales: Travis Gaskill

Notre Dame de Lourdes: Ryan Whelan,

St. Patrick: Eileen Piombino

St. Mary Magdalen: Connor Ruggieri

St. Thomas the Apostle: Brittany Knob

St. Agnes: Jonathan Schiltz

Our Lady of Angels: Sean Kelly

Northley: Devon Linn, Rebecca Gomes, Shreyas Parab

Avon Grove Charter: Justin Sarver

Garnet Valley: Cooper Urban, Amanda Denning, Alexa Conner, Elena Taylor, Connor O’Brien

Patton: Daphne Ho, Madyson McDougal

Media Providence Friends: Daniel Marcolongo

Chichester: Melanie Dempsey

Westtown: Thomas Hogan

Stetson: Kathleen Griffith

Haverford Friends: James Radomile


New Jersey

Mullica Hill Friends: Alexander Gulea, Magdalen Lind, Nicholas Martorelli, Kyle Rowe

Kingsway: Lauren Formanski, Madison Ambrose

St. James: Dara Dawson, Juliana Wallgren



Mount Aviat: Max Classen


St. Elizabeth High School


All Saints: Brandon Dongfack, Danielle Eckton

Christ the Teacher: Lorenzo Alafriz, Matthew Balbierer, Colby Corrozi, Isabel Durnan, Owen Fink, Joel Hafycz, Nicole Kirk, Rebecca Miller, Corey O’Donnell

Holy Angels: Nicholas Kayatta

Immaculate Heart of Mary: Francis Doran, Matthew Hurst, Brendan Wilhelm

St. Edmond’s: Dylan Kirk

St. Elizabeth: Alena Boyer, Rebecca Gonzalez, Irene Hu, Emily Marvel, Abigail Thompson, Evelyn Welsh

St. John the Beloved:  Ava Stratton

St. Mary Magdalen: Karl Bryan, Liam Lehane

St. Peter the Apostle School: Reiley Bond

H.B. duPont: Sarah Kunkle

Alfred G. Waters: Matthew Gray, Emily Gray

P.S. duPont: Sarayu Sivaram

Independence: Adair Bartram, Eric Ziegler



Northley: Rebecca Gomes

St. Philomena: Elizabeth Brutsche



Padua Academy


All Saints: Danielle Eckorn, Lauren Freebery, McKenna Rybaltowski

Christ the Teacher: Ursula Dzik, Elena Ikeocha,Rebecca Miller, Patricia Janae Ortega, Amber Owens, Emily Sipko

Holy Angels: Marigrace Ferrill, Heather Little, Peyton Sikes, Julianna Stape

Immaculate Heart of Mary: Claire Bisson, Maria DiStefano, Madelyn Phillips, Emily Rosato

St. Ann: Callie Freda, Annika Sernyak

St. Elizabeth: Alena Boyer, Emily Marvel

St. John the Beloved: Mary Shannon Dougherty, Lauren Hilger, Sarah Manno, Ava Stratton

St. Mary Magdalen: Grace DiGiovanni, Anna Gallo, Anna Zdunek

Ursuline: Victora Millsap

C.F. Patton: Madeline Maier

Alfred G. Waters: Emily Gray

H.B. DuPont: Erin Dolan, Sarah Kunkle, Madelyn Van Horn

P.S. DuPont: Emma Lucey, Francesca Sedlacek

Springer: Siobhan Mangan

Independence: Adair Bartram, Esha Mishra, Sophia Riveros, Lauren Schafer, Maya Sitaram, Amanda Stull, Anna Suh



Holy Family: Juliana Testa

Notre Dame de Lourdes: Anne Bohnenberger

St. Thomas the Apostle: Kathleen Melia

St. Cornelius: Victoria Anderson

St. Maximilian Kolbe: Caroline McColgan, Anna Martino

St. Philomena: Elizabeth Brutsche, Katherine Giardinelli

Sacred Heart: Gianna Vitelli

Fred S. Engle: Sydney Przywara

Kennett: Jasmine MacFarlane

Northley: Rebecca Gomes, Devon Linn



Mount Aviat: Olivia Giannetta, Grace Liberatore, Kaeley Willemsen


New Jersey

St. James: Molly Mausolf

St. Margaret: Sarah Philbin

Kingsway: Lauren Formanski, Kayleen Italia

Penns Grove: Abigail Hamilton

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Student and school news




Knights’ raffle supports Catholic education

The Delaware Knights of Columbus are currently raising money through a five-week raffle, with the proceeds being used to support Catholic elementary schools in Delaware. The Knights use this and other funds to provide $500 scholarships, whose recipients are selected by school principals and based on financial need.

Donation for each ticket is $10. Checks, with “scholarships” in the memo line, should be made payable to the Delaware Knights of Columbus and mailed to the K of C Catholic Schools Scholarship Fund, in care of Larry Gardner, 317 Silverbrook Drive, Wilmington, DE 19804. Read more »

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Studying this recipe: Cooking oil, tigers and rainforests – All Saints Catholic School students tackle the problem of palm oil, Sumatran tigers and deforestation


Staff reporter


ELSMERE — It might be happening on the other side of the globe, but students at All Saints Catholic School have taken a special interest in the deforestation of an Indonesian island and its effect on an endangered species.

The school is participating in the UNLESS Project, sponsored by the Philadelphia Zoo. This year, the zoo is focusing on the devastating effects of deforestation on the Sumatran tiger. The tiger and other species are losing their habitat on the island of Sumatra because forests are being cleared to make room for oil palm tree plantations. Read more »

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Student and school news


St. John the Beloved band ‘superior’ in national festival

WILMINGTON – The advanced band at St. John the Beloved School received a rating of “superior” at the National Catholic Band Festival, which was held April 21 at Villanova University.

About 40 bands participated, according to Ray DiVirgilio, the band’s instructor. Each band was given 15 minutes to perform, which was followed by comments and suggestions from a panel of judges. The panel follows the score as the band plays to see how well it is followed in terms of tone production, tempo, blending and articulation, he said. Ratings included good, excellent and superior.

There are 11 members of the St. John the Beloved band. It includes a flute, bell player, clarinets, drummers, French horn and also sax.

 St. Mark’s students earn first at Delaware History Day

WILMINGTON – St. Mark’s High School juniors Haley Schweizer, Mary White, Jaclyn Harkins and Tara Zdziech were honored for their work at the 2012 Delaware History Day competition, which was held April 21 at Delaware Technical and Community College. The quartet earned both the Hagley Museum and Library Special Prize for Business and Technology in History and first place in the group documentary category.

Schweizer, White, Harkins and Zdziech were recognized for their work, “Revolution, Reaction & Reform of the Telephone. The first place award makes them eligible to attend the Kenneth E. Behring National Contest, which will be June 10-14 at the University of Maryland.

Juniors Katie Kempski, Carleen Krajewski, Jessica Pivonka, Annie Reidinger and Shaina Sutton also were honored in the group documentary category, earning third place for their entry, “Prohibition.”

Ursuline hosts lacrosse tournament

WILMINGTON – Students from four Ursuline schools gathered April 20-21 in Wilmington for the sixth annual Sister Schools Lacrosse Tournament at Serviam Field. The tourney included the host school, along with Ursuline Academy of St. Louis, the Ursuline School of New Rochelle, N.Y., and Ursuline Academy of Dedham, Mass.

During the visit, the students accompanied their counterparts from Ursuline Academy in Wilmington in classes.

The tournament began in 2007 in St. Louis and rotates to a different city each year. There are 24 Ursuline schools across the country.

CYM brochure keeps high school grads linked to faith

Wilmington — With high school graduations around the corner, Catholic Youth Ministry is offering assistance to keep the students connected to their faith. CYM is making copies of “Eleven Suggestions for Living Your Catholic Faith After High School” available.

To order the brochure, go to www.cdowcym.org/forms/brochurepostcardrequest.

CYM is also reminding students to log on to www.catholicsoncampus.com and enter information that will keep them connected as they enter college. Those who complete entries are eligible for a weekly drawing of a $25 iTunes gift card beginning May 1 through June 30.

Ursuline class part of Wilmington Art Loop

WILMINGTON – Ursuline Academy and Salesianum School students, inspired by “word art by” Robert Indiana and Ed Ruscha, have designed their own words to depict where they are in the transition from adolescence to adulthood. Their work will be part of the school’s Word Art Exhibit, which will take place at the 23rd and 5th Advertising Agency on May 4 from 5-7 p.m.

The students are part of Ursuline’s Art Forum, an exchange class that includes boys from Salesianum. All 12 students are seniors, “so the words about growing up are very relevant to their lives,” teacher Erin McNichol said.

The exhibit is part of Wilmington’s Art Loop, which takes place on the first Friday of each month.

Padua junior performs Shakespeare in New York

Wilmington  — Veronica Slater, a junior at Padua Academy, performed a sonnet and monologue from Shakespeare at the annual English-Speaking Union National Shakespeare Competition, which was held April 23 at Lincoln Center. Slater, who lives in Newark, placed as a semifinalist.

Slater was Delaware’s representative as the winner of the ESU Delaware Branch regional competition. Fifty-eight winners of regional events participated in New York.

Brick prayer garden dedicated in Ridgely

RIDGELY, Md. – A brick prayer garden is in place at St. Benedict Church in Ridgely, Md., thanks to the work of a Boy Scout.

Angus Richardson, a junior at Ss. Peter and Paul High School in Easton, Md., designed the prayer garden for his Eagle Scout project. The garden path contains more than 100 bricks engraved with memorial and honorary messages surrounding a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary that has been on the church property for many years. Father Hilary Rodgers, the pastor of St. Benedict and its mission, St. Elizabeth of Hungary in Denton, Md., dedicated the garden on April 15.

Richardson, a member of Troop 165, was assisted by Rex Landscaping of Denton, Md., and numerous volunteers.

Salesianum selected for Jefferson Award

WILMINGTON – Salesianum School has been selected the first Ambassador Level school by the Jefferson Awards-Deloitte Students in Action, which recognized the Wilmington school’s level of public works and service by its students.

The Ambassador Level was established last summer for schools that had won their regional competitions for two years and were seeking a higher level of commitment and competition, according to Salesianum.

Salesianum’s Jefferson Awards team sought to promote the Students in Action program this year and focused on the goals of the ambassador level: partnership, mentorship and collaboration. Salesianum recruited two high schools to the Jefferson Awards-Deloitte Students in Action program: Concord and Unionville (Pa.). It also partnered with Padua Academy to establish a leadership conference for middle-school students. In March, Salesianum hosted the first Students in Action Summit.

This year, the Jefferson Awards team at Sallies added a fundraiser for Nativity Preparatory School and established a mentorship program at Warner Elementary School, located on nearby 18th Street. Thirty-one Salesianum students are on the Jefferson Awards team.





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Student news


St. Mark’s wins Del. Mock Trial title

WILMINGTON — St. Mark’s High School defeated 24 other schools, including six-time defending champion Charter School of Wilmington, in the 21st annual Delaware High School Mock Trial competition last month at the New Castle County Courthouse.

The competition consisted of two preliminary rounds, then the final round. In the preliminary rounds, senior Matthew Conrad was awarded three gavels for best attorney, and three students — junior John Slights, junior Michael Williams and senior Brian Coyle — each won a gavel for best witness.

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High schools announce scholarship winners

February 7th, 2012 Posted in Education and Careers, Our Diocese


The seven Catholic high schools in Delaware have announced the recipients of academic scholarships for the 2012-13 school year.

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Catholic Schools Week: St. Ann’s honors its volunteers


Staff reporter

With a student population of 276, St. Ann’s School may be one of the smaller grade schools in Wilmington. But the school gets a big boost from the more than 60 volunteers that help out in classrooms, extracurriculars, or with any other need.

Sister Virginia Pfau, the school’s principal for six years, praised the volunteers’ contributions. “These individuals give of their time and many talents to enrich our program here at St. Ann School. They are truly a treasure.”

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