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‘One of Us’ podcast: Anne Fazio of St. Teresa Catholic Church uses her love and trust in God to help others through bereavement ministry


“One of Us” is brief snapshot of people who support the church in various ways in the Diocese of Wilmington. We will regularly feature people who may be recognizable within their parish communities.

NAME: Anne Fazio

HOMETOWN: Conowingo, Md.

PARISH: St. Theresa Catholic Church

What is the most important part of your spirituality?
“I am kind of humbled, I don’t know how I was blessed with such a great love for God but in my soul I know there is a God and I love him. I can see the workings of God throughout my entire life. I’m always active in some fashion with the parish whether it was baking cakes or cleaning the church. I’ve served on parish council under several different pastors and I’ve taught religious education for 15 years but after being widowed I knew firsthand how people suffer in grief and so with my current husband Bill, who was a widower, we started a bereavement ministry to try to help people through this path of grief.” 

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