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‘One of Us’ podcast : Patrick Tiernan faith, theology background helps his leadership efforts at St. Mary Magdalen in Delaware

Patrick Tiernan

“One of Us” is brief snapshot of people who support the church in various ways in the Diocese of Wilmington. We will regularly feature people who may be recognizable within their parish communities.

NAME: Patrick Tiernan

HOMETOWN: Wilmington, DE

PARISH & SCHOOL: St. Mary Magdalen

What does your faith mean to you?

“For me faith is head, heart and hands. It’s the reason, that thinking through the logic the philosophical underpinnings of faith. It’s the heart , the emotional . Growing up I would say easily , our Catholic faith was the proverbial glue that held our family together. I definitely think my parents would agree with that statement. They committed to Catholic education for four boys. We didn’t have two cars. We didn’t go on vacation. They believed in Catholic education. That was the investment literally that they did. I swear by it to this day. That’s the emotional and real investment piece. The hands is that social justice piece. It is putting it into action. It’s doing something with it. It’s showing it. It’s not just talking about it.

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